Monday, January 28, 2013

January Training

My training has been going very well so far in 2013.  I have been slowly building up my base mileage to 35-40 miles per week while continuing my uphill training from last year.  My base mileage goal is to reach 70 mpw, which I plan on reaching by the beginning of April.  I have a long season ahead of me.  I have experienced some new local(ish) training runs with Preston in Shenandoah NP.  If you want a great description about the run and some great pics stop by his blog.  Some of the runs we have done give the right mix of vertical, technical, and beautiful views.  I run PVSP and Rosaryville because they are close to me, but it's always nice to get and explore some new trails. We have hit up Old Rag, Stony Man, and Hawksbill so far this year, now the test is to hit all these in one outing.  Gonna be sick!!!  Here are some pics from our runs. 
Photo by Preston
Photo by Preston
Photo by Preston
Photo by Preston
In addition to getting some nice runs in at Shenandoah NP, I also made a trip down to Montebello VA during MLK weekend.  Emily and I rented a cabin with Tom and Nina at the Montebello Resort right off Rt 56.  I really wanted to get back down to VA and hit the Priest & 3 Ridges and get some miles in on the MMTR course.  Thursday before we drove down to VA, it snowed 8" in the Montebello area.  All that snow couldn't stop us from getting out and enjoying the Blue Ridge Mts.  Lots of people were out on the trails taking advantage of the three day weekend.  Overall I had the chance to run three consecutive days and get in 14+hrs of time on my feet and loads of vertical too.  I had so much fun that I am going to plan on another running camp in late Spring so if you are interested let me know, if we get enough people we could rent out the entire cabin (both parts of the duplex).
Our View outside our cabin at Montebello Resort
Lake at Montebello Resort
View on top of the Priest

Here are some extra pictures from the Montebello Running camp.

See ya on the trails,