Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Montebello Camping & Running Vacation

I had a great vacation in the Montebello and Lyndhurst VA a few weeks ago and I just wanted to let everyone who hasn't been down to either of these places in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia what they are missing.  Emily and I camped for three days at a cozy campground in Montebello, Crabtree Falls Campground.  This was a perfect location because we had plans of hiking/running the Priest & Three Ridges, Long Mountain Wayside, and Crabtree Falls.  All these adventures we planned were in close proximity to the campground.  After Montebello we went to Lyndhurst and stayed at Sherando Lake Campground for another three days of camping.  Our main focus at Sherando was to take tours of the local wineries and breweries.  Here is some information about my run/hikes I did in Motebello:

Crabtree Falls: 4 miles with 1300' of climbing
Three Ridges: 14.5 miles with 4500' of climbing
The Priest: (didn't get to it this time but here are my stats from last time) 8 miles with 3500' of climbing.

Long Mountain Wayside: my GPS ran out of battery but I ran an abbreviated version of the description below, 13 miles 3500'-4200' of climbing.

Start at the Long Mountain Wayside on highway 60 where the Appalachian Trail crosses, about 15 miles west of Amherst, Va. Head north on FS 520 to FS 48 and turn right on 48 taking it to the Henry Lanum Loop Trail. Do the five-mile loop counterclockwise, following FS 48 around the mountain to Salt Log Gap. Follow FS 1176 north for about a mile and turn right on the A.T. Follow the AT back south to Long Mountain Wayside going through Salt Log Gap. Go up and over Tar Jacket Ridge with great views. Descend to Hog Camp Gap at 3,500 feet and then ascend to the open fields of Cold Mountain. Descend to Cow Camp Gap and then ascend to the top of Bald Knob at over 4,000 feet.  Then descend 2,000 feet in three miles back to the start and Long Mt. Wayside.

Here is my information about my lone Sherando Lake run:

Torry Ridge: 6.5 miles with 1600' of climbing.

Here are some pics from our adventures:
Emily at 3 Ridges Summit

Another pic of 3 Ridges Summit
Cold Mt Summit

AT on Cold Mt
Kings Family Winery
Veritas Vineyards and Winery

Veritas Vineyards and Winery
Another great way to get out and explore the Blue Ridge Mts is to go one of the many well established wineries and breweries.  Can't wait to go back1!!

Here are some extra pictures.

See ya on the trails,

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