Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Review and 2012 Outlook

Now that the holidays are over I have had some time to reflect on my 2011 season.  All and all I am pleased with the strides I made during the 2011 season as I settled some scores from last season, DNF at UROC 100k & MMTR 50, and ran PRs in both 50k and 50M.  I ran ten ultras last season and gained some much needed experience.  Just having all those races posed new and different challenges: nutrition, elevation, trying out new gear, and weather.  Moving forward I believe these experiences will soot me well considering my goals for the 2012 season, which includes me attempting my first 24 hour timed event (I did a 12 hour race last season) and my first 100 miler.  Along with these two big challenges I am also competing in the Lynchburg Ultra Series, LUS, which should get me ready for Vermont 100.  I will probably do a few more races during the season that I enjoy, such as Capon Valley 50k and possibly UROC 100k again, but I feel as if my schedule has a good mix of new challenges and good ol' familiar races. 

I decided to take much of December off to rest my mind more so then my legs, I realized at Stone Mill that I was mentally drained from all the races.  Now it's time to start my training again and I am really looking forward to improving my speed, or lack there of, and climbing.  I have begun running 15% hill repeats on a treadmill once a week and am concentrating on more track workouts too.  Hopefully mixing more speed workouts along with higher weekly mileage will improve my times in 2012.  Above all I want to race in 2012 and not just run, I am a competitive person and believe I can do better and now I am going to see what I can do.  Hope everyone had a good season last year and wish everyone best of luck in 2012.

See ya on the trails,


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