Thursday, November 3, 2011

JFK 50

I have run JFK 50 twice and I enjoy the race very much, I particularly like the large crowds of spectators and  the rich history the race has.  I don't agree with the qualifying standards, because it creates a "Boston" atmosphere where fast flat courses are sought after so people can qualify.  That being said, Boston is an amazing race and I have the utmost respect for the history of the race and for those who qualify.  I think the standards for JFK 50 should take in to account courses such as Zane Grey 50 or MMTR 50 which have slower finishing times due to the difficultly of the race.  While I don't want this post to go off topic about the JFK 50 qualifying standards, I did want to share an article I came across concerning JFK 50.  I am not passing any judgement because I am not privy to all the facts, however, I do find the article very interesting as to where the entry fees go.  Entry fees in 2007 were $85 and this year they were $195, I know fees increase due to higher overhead but 129% increase in 4 years seems a bit excessive.  Feel free leave a comment let me know what you think.   

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